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Kiriko laundyry detergents for everyday

Kiriko has developed a new product to wash and care your clothes. It is no more just for delicate clothes or traditional handwashing as well as for machine washing. Offering you the usual efficiency of the product and the innovation that it is for any wash,...


Kiriko Cosmetics has developed a new range of 7 different shampoos: Coconut and Cocoa Oil, Oats and Honey, Olive Oil, Flower Extract, Apple, Purifying and Children's Shampoo.   The Cosmetics sector of Casa Kiriko has developed a whole range of new shampoos that help to restore the...

Soap: From its origin to today

As it happens with many other products, the origin of soap remains unclear. What we do know is that it is a very old product: the oldest remains of soap found are of Babylonian origin and date from 2800 BC.   However the first people to really...

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