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Wash Activator With Active Oxigen 2l

Removes all types of stains, even the most difficult such as coloured stains (juice, wine, tea, etc.), grease stains (oil, make-up) and protein stains (blood, chocolate, grass). It can be used with synthetic or cotton garments. Effective at any temperature.

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BY HAND: 50 ml of product for every five litres of water together with your usual detergent. Rinse with plenty of water.

MACHINE WASHING: First add the detergent and then add 100 ml (6 caps) of the product in the same bucket.

DIFFICULT STAINS: Apply directly to the stain and wash immediately afterwards together with the detergent. If in doubt about colour fastness, apply a drop to an inconspicuous area and check for colourfastness.

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Additional information

Weight 2.162 kg
Dimensions 325 × 215 × 335 cm
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