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Our history - Kiriko
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Our history

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    The beginnings

    Dimas Sanchez de la Morena Tronco, founder and head of this family business that today is Casa Kiriko, started his occupational career with the representation of the first washing powder presented in Spain, back in the 50s, the famous “Tu Tú” detergent.


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    Registration of the Kiriko trademark

    This strange name, with – at that time in Spain – subversive spelling, dates back to another family history, the birth of the founder’s brother José who was born on the day of Saint Quírico. He never took on that name but the doctor who assisted at his birth, was the one to call him Quírico until he died. That’s the reason why, when founding his company, Dimas Sanchez remembered the Saint and being tired of searching for a name that hadn’t been registered yet, he decided to replace the “q“ and “c“ with a “K“. When the registry office informed him that his proposal has been accepted he was quite pleased that nobody before him had the idea to choose the name Kiriko.


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    Foundation of Casa Kiriko

    Dimas Sánchez de la Morena Tronco starts his professional activity as a corporate person.


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    KIRIKO Bleach

    It were the traders themselves who asked for different products, so Kiriko, provided with a coportate identity, started to produce and sell bleach in small bottles.


  • Years later the range was widened with accessories, etching, ammonia and dishwasher with brands such as DIN DON, TIP Y TOL and GORRION.


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    Redesign of the Kiriko Brand

    Renewal of our main brand image


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    Registration of the Lucecita trademark

    The latest radioserial, broadcasted by the Spanish radio station SER, gave name to another classic product of our company: Cera Lucecita.


  • Expanding our product range

    Casa Kiriko gradually expanded its product range, in this case with new laundry detergent for delicates and Vente Conmigo bath soap


  • Expanding our product range

    By the end of the 90s we manufactured almost 80 different products. Floor cleaning liquids, cleaners and much more…


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    Casa Kiriko becomes a Ltd.

    Kiriko is registered as Casa Kiriko S.L., i.e. a limited liability company.


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    Creation of a product range for professionals

    Casa Kiriko creates Unik, a special product range for the professional cleaning sector


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    Designing our mascot

    Our beloved and elegant penguin was first used in the range of WC cleaners


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    Navinia brand

    Kiriko creates and launches its Navinia cosmetic trademark


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    New cosmetics range

    Creation of the new Navinia cosmetics and shampoo range


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    50th Anniversary

    In 2015 Casa Kiriko celebrates fifty years of daily work to meet our business philosophy: Offering always the best products at the best value-based pricing.

    Fifty years of daily effort to constantly improve our service. And (most importantly) fifty years enjoying the trust of our customers. We are passionate about our work and our strongest motivation is to satisfy our customers with our products and our service.


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    Redesign of the UNIK Brand

    Renewal of our UNIK brand image


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    Expanding our product range

    New Brand KIRIKO Cosmética


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    Redesign of the Navinia Brand

    Renewal of our Navinia brand image


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    Register new brand KIRICLOR


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